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In today's global, information-laden, economy the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly in English is vital. As the volume of information and the ‘signal to noise ratio’ increases, peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter. Poor quality English can easily alienate your readers: journal editors, policy makers or the general public, making it harder for your message to get through.
Most writers, and especially non-native English speakers, need another pair of eyes to look over their work once it is ‘finished’. Some texts can be too passive and others too bombastic. Some are full of in-house jargon or just contain grammatical and spelling mistakes that were overlooked in the final rush to get the manuscript finished. Ambiguities, arcane language and dissonant idioms can all prevent a paper resonating with its intended readership.
The value that TextualHealing offers is not just about providing manuscripts in ‘good English’ but also in helping your message to come through clearly and be properly understood. In this, you can rely on Nick Parrott’s fifteen years’ experience as a university researcher (including a PhD) and environmental campaigner and his in-depth knowledge of organic farming and supply chains, rural development, governance and international development issues and his ability to understand and interpret complex statistics.
Nicholas Parrott, the owner of TextualHealing.eu has been editing academic papers and books, project reports and briefing papers professionally since 2002. He is a native English (British) speaker (he also speaks French and Dutch) and is widely published in his own right as an academic and journalist.
TextualHealing specialises in social sciences (particularly sociology and economics) and interdisciplinary approaches that combine the physical and social sciences. It has a strong and loyal international client base: mainly academics, agricultural and development consultants and NGOs. TextualHealing also offers copywriting and consulting services and can draw on a pool of similarly qualified, and experienced, associates. For all these reasons, TextualHealing is the perfect partner to help you get your message across with clarity and economy.
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